About Us

Flirtatiously approaching unknown guys in public can sometimes be a terribly intimidating even a risky thing to do – especially for those us in the LGQBT community. 


To avoid the terrorizing possibility of public humiliation, or even worse, I’ve always yearned for a safer alternative to get potential admirer's attention without putting my self at so much risk - an indirect approach method where I could attract and meet new guys outside of being limited to online social media apps - especially since the mass majority of the guys that I would like to interact with are NOT going to be on those apps.


Hence, after years of procrastinating and fiddling with the idea, THOTSWAG was finally born a whole decade later and people are loving it!  Our customized shirts and garments are perfect for snagging admirers' attention at clubs, festivals, events, malls, and in general social settings altogether.  One of the most beautiful parts of it all is that the burden of approach is entirely your admirers' responsibility - NOT YOURS!


A great deal of thought, learning, time, research, and intellectual work was invested into launching THOTSWAG.  Our goal is to revolutionize how the contact game is played grow as time and industry experience allows us to.  We most definitely plan on adding future designs and products ranging from mild to wild – so that everyone can find something to wear within their individual comfort zones. 


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